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Book cover of Fabric

Atlas Obscura

Finding Wonder

Finlay sets out to understand and explain not just the history of textiles, but the meaning woven into them.

  • History
  • Art
Book cover of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Brynn Elliott

The Art of Philosophy

In this work, Angelou grapples with the realities of racism and the nature of freedom.

  • Memoir
  • Autobiography
Book cover of Riverman

Cheryl Strayed

Wild Reads

This is an adventurous, poignant, and uplifting book about the impact one person can have on others by daring to explore and connect.

  • Biography
  • Travel
Book cover of The Song of Achilles

Chloé Lukasiak

Let’s Escape

If you like Greek mythology, then you are in for a treat!

  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy
Book cover of Red Island House

Elin Hilderbrand

The Beach and Beyond

This is one novel you will finish and feel as though you have spent time in another world.

  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
Book cover of Poet Warrior

Joseph Campbell

Myth & Meaning

Harjo lights a fire built with kindling soaked in sorrow. A fire that will, no doubt, warm our hearts with inspiration, wisdom, and grace.

  • Poetry
  • Memoir
Book cover of The Right to Sex



Srinivasan’s essay collection considers how we think and talk about sex, covering topics like pornography, race, student-teacher relationships, and much more.

  • Feminism
  • Sexuality
Book cover of Crying in the Bathroom

Megan Rapinoe

The Call In

Sánchez has captured magic on the pages of her hilarious and honest memoir.

  • Memoir
  • Essays
Book cover of A Good Girls Guide to Murder

Nicole Laeno

Shelf Love

This story is so entertaining and full of so many twists!

  • Mystery
  • Thriller
Book cover of Half of a Yellow Sun

Richard Branson

Reading with Richard

Adichie’s story is a deeply moving and human one that highlights the realities of a war the way only fine storytelling can.

  • Historical Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
Book cover of How to Read Now

Roxane Gay


In this collection of essays, there is an urgency to Castillo’s writing—about the nature of representation, the assumed primacy of whiteness, and the stories and voices of people of color that have always been there.

  • Essays
  • Literary Criticism
Book cover of Fierce Love

Stephen Curry


I hope you enjoy this incredible book, and the life lessons it can teach all of us, from the woman who continues to inspire me every single day of my life.

  • Autobiography
  • Memoir
Book cover of The Buddha in the Attic

Susan Orlean

Private Collection

This novel, with its unique structure, will open your eyes wider to the experiences of Japanese Americans during the early part of the twentieth century and through WWII—when neighbors and friends were forcibly taken away to internment camps, families separated, and lives changed beyond comprehension.

  • Historical Fiction
  • Japanese Literature
Book cover of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone



I’ve always been a huge advocate for therapy. It can absolutely change your life, helping you to process past traumas and better cope with challenges in the present.

  • Psychology
  • Mental Health