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Book cover of Eating to Extinction

Atlas Obscura

Finding Wonder

This deeply researched book is a love letter to age-old culinary traditions around the world, and a warning to not let them fade in our time.

  • Food & Drink
  • Science
Book cover of Understanding Comics

Austin Kleon

Read Like An Artist

Using the medium of comics, McCloud explains a whole world of visual communication and teaches lessons that apply to anyone working in any kind of visual medium.

  • Graphic Novel
  • History
Book cover of The Architecture of Happiness

Brynn Elliott

The Art of Philosophy

Alain de Botton leads us brilliantly through principles of architecture and shows how actual philosophical concepts are always the inspiration behind the spaces we inhabit.

  • Architecture
  • Philosophy
Book cover of Afterlife

Cheryl Strayed

Wild Reads

Powerful, compassionate, and at times suspenseful and funny, Afterlife is a rich examination of the bonds of family and community, as well as a compelling portrait of a woman who learns how to hold on while letting go.

  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Hispanic & Latino
Book cover of The Midnight Bargain

Chloé Lukasiak

Let’s Escape

The Midnight Bargain follows a young woman who is put in an impossible situation and goes to desperate lengths to save herself.

  • Fantasy
  • Romance
Book cover of Prep

Elin Hilderbrand

The Beach and Beyond

This novel takes such a deep dive into our main character, Midwesterner Lee Fiora, following her from freshman fall to senior spring, and detailing all of her heartache, awkwardness, painful crushes, and challenging friendships.

  • Realistic Fiction
  • Young Adult
Book cover of We Cast A Shadow

Jesmyn Ward

Gathering of Voices

In We Cast A Shadow, an unnamed father negotiates a dark near future, where racism has morphed, virulent and pervasive, and transformed America once again.

  • Speculative Fiction
  • Satire
Book cover of A Children's Bible

Joseph Campbell

Myth & Meaning

This is a story that will remind adult readers of the ever-present unease of youth, an endemic harshness that keeps children acutely aware, by nature, of death and danger.

  • Literary Fiction
  • Environmental Fiction
Book cover of Sea of Tranquility

Kelly McGonigal

The Joy Collective

I chose Sea of Tranquility—a novel about time travel and the possibility of parallel worlds—for our club before I read it. As I dove in, I met that upswell of gratitude I always feel as I immerse myself in her prose and the complex narratives she pulls together.

  • Science Fiction
  • Autofiction
Book cover of You've Changed



In this charming, intimate, and dynamic debut book, Pyae Moe Thet War shares her unique perspective on life, love, mental health, laundry, baking, and so much more.

  • Memoir
  • Essays
Book cover of Crying in H Mart

Megan Rapinoe

The Call In

This memoir speaks brilliantly about finding your identity, the complexity of family, and the beautiful journey of coming home to yourself.

  • Memoir
  • Grief
Book cover of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Nicole Laeno

Shelf Love

This binge-worthy historical fiction novel follows iconic Hollywood star Evelyn Hugo and is so entertaining, interesting, and heartbreaking!

  • Historical Fiction
  • Romance
Book cover of One Hundred Summers

Richard Branson

Reading with Richard

This heartfelt tribute to the Branson family starts in 1918 with the birth of our father and is filled with reminiscences of our childhood, entrepreneurial endeavours, the start of Virgin, and so much more.

  • Memoir
  • Vignettes
Book cover of Memphis

Roxane Gay


Memphis is a novel about family secrets that span decades and how, when facing impossible choices, women are often put in impossible circumstances.

  • Historical Fiction
  • Cultural
Book cover of Portrait of a Thief

Stephen Curry


Get hyped for an action adventure novel that feels like a heist movie—while speaking to some interesting realities.

  • Thriller
  • Mystery
Book cover of There There

Susan Orlean

Private Collection

This novel holds potent truths about life for all of us, and particularly for Indigenous Americans today; it reveals how the painful history of our country still affects them.

  • Literary Fiction
  • Political Fiction
Book cover of Life Will be the Death of Me



When someone else speaks honestly about their life, as Chelsea does here, you find common threads and learn more about yourself, too.

  • Memoir
  • Essays